Friday, September 8, 2017

Family Fun Day

Family Fun Friday

         We would like to get to know about your family.  You need to pick something that is either unique about your family, something you enjoy doing, or anything you would like us to know about your family.  You need to find a book that ties to whatever it is you want to tell us about your family.  I would like as many members of the family as possible to be involved with this.  Then when it is your Friday you will come in, read the book to us and make a short presentation to our class about the thing you have chosen.  You can also dress up if you would like to.

         For example if your family loves to go fishing or camping, you would need to find a book about this subject.  When you came to class you would read the book then you could, either show pictures of when you have done these things, tell stories, show us how to do it or what ever you would like to do. 

So, to do a Family Fun Friday you need to:

         *Let me know

         *Pick an idea

         *Find a book

*Have as many family members involved as possible.  (This also includes coming to the school to do the presentation.)

*Come up with a presentation.


         If you have any questions please let me know you can either call me or you can also email me.  If you need some help finding a book on your subject you can ask me, talk to Mrs. Stucki our Librarian or go to the city library.

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