Friday, September 8, 2017

September 8 Newsletter

Mrs. Bali’s First Grade News
September 8, 2017

Review of our week:
         We are almost finished with our unit on fables and fairy tales.  We will start a unit on the human body next week.  Each day we interview the leader and I am really seeing some improvement in our writing.  We have also been working on sentence structure. We did the chapter review yesterday, and took our math test on Monday. 
         You and your child need to be reading for 20 minutes every night. We will start the Take Home Library next week.  These books are on your child’s independent reading level, they should be reading them to you.  They may seem easy and that is because they are or they should be.  They are one level lower than where I have them instructionally.   I would like your child to read the book a couple of times.  After they have read the book have them tell you what happened in the book and ask them some questions about the book for comprehension.  I did the assessments over the last couple of weeks to find their reading level.  By the time we start in our guided reading groups, some of them will be ready to move up.  Please, be patient with their take home book level until we start guided reading groups.  If your child is on a higher reading level, they won’t move through the levels as fast.
         I am going to send home the extra math practice sheets for the chapter.  You can have your child do these for extra practice, or you don’t have to. If your child does them, they do not have to turn them in. I want their reading to be the priority.

Reading Parents:
         I would like to start having parents come in and read with the class in 2 weeks. They can be moms, dads or grandparents.   I have included a list of the parents who signed up to come in and read.  If you can and would like to come in and read with us, we would love to have you.  Let me know if there is a day that would work for you.  

Sight Words:
         I will be sending home a list of sight words for your child to practice at home.  Once they can read these words fluently, they will be able to read all the books on their reading level.  Many times it is the sight words that hold their progress back.  I would really appreciate it if you would help them with these words.  There are 11 different lists.
Reminders & FYI:
* Please make sure your child is here on time.  We cover a          lot of very important math concepts in our opening.  We are also doing bell work or finishing up from the day before.  I would really appreciate it if you had your child here on time.
* Remember Library books on Tuesday. I have asked my     class to keep their backpacks in their backpacks, so they are here every week.  Thanks

* Don’t forget to link your Smith’s Card to our school.  Ask grandparents and neighbors to do it also.  The school really makes a lot of money with this. 

* Please have your child wear their favorite T-Shirt on Tuesday.

Leaders for next week:
         September 11 – Lucas
         September 12 – Madilynn
         September 13 –Mason
         September 14 – McCoy
         September 15 –Sheryl

*Please send a snack if you can.

Upcoming Events:
·      Thursday, September 14 – School Pictures
·      Friday, September 15 – Family Fun Day
·      Friday, September 22 – Family Fun Day
·      Monday, September 25 – PTA Family Movie Night
·      Friday, September 29 – Family Fun Day
·      October 2-6 – SEP Week (School gets out at 2:30)
·      Wednesday, October 4 – Hearing Screening
·      Thursday, October 12 – Picture Retakes
·      Friday, October 13 – Family Fun Day
·      Friday, October 20 – Family Fun Day
·      Monday, October 23 – No School (Harvest Recess)
·      Friday, October 27 – Family Fun Day
·      Tuesday, October 31 – Halloween Party
·      Tuesday, October 31 – Carve Pumpkins with dads

(I will give more information about some of these things as it gets closer.)

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